4th Generation 4 tuner Double Recordings

Ever since Tablo issued a major update for Roku, my 4th generation 4 tuner Tablo has a whole set of new problems. I use the Tablo 4rh generation 4 tuner model. On scheduled recordings it now records double recordings for each scheduled show. In the settings it is set not to record duplicates. In spite of all the level 1 diagnostics, if the evening news is scheduled I will get 2 copies recorded at the same time taking up twice the disk space. I did not even think that was possible, let alone an option. In spite of everything, there seems to be no way to stop this. Tech support is working on it, but so far - no solution. It does this for each scheduled recordings. Are any of you experiencing this problem, and have you found a solution?

Is it set to record the show from OTA and FAST? I have to double check that settings or I will get double recordings.

The channels I am having a problem with are all OTA channels. I was not aware of an OTA setting on the 4th generation Tablo. Please be more specific about FAST setting. I have not seen that?