4th Gen Tablo - Sports on ABC, CBS and FOX won’t load

@PhxSuns Thanks to you we think we’ve found the source of the issue which is a deeper-level data mismatch which we’ll also work to correct moving forward.

There are two ways you can correct it immediately.

Option 1 is to go into SETTINGS, remove the channels you’ve had trouble with, and hit save. Then re-add those channels. Once the guide data has finished loading (give it a good half hour just to be safe), you should have data matches across all the layers and be able to schedule what you like.

The downside of option 1 is that you’ll lose any schedules you have set previously on those channels, so you’ll have to re-set them.

Option 2 is more nuclear, a factory reset. This will obliterate your recordings and schedules across ALL channels but ensure you have matching data across all layers for every channel.

I would suggest giving option 1 a shot first.

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@TabloTV - A nice Settings option would be to be able save the schedule to a file on a thumb drive (or even over the Internet to a TabloTV account) with an option to be able to reload it…
Would save a lot of headaches it you lost all the schedules.

Performed option one tonight, removed one of the problem channels, saved, readded, saved, update, then waited 30. Tried to schedule the suns game from scheduled to be on the channel I just readded and go the same error.

@PhxSuns - Hmmm… It looks like there are three stations in your area broadcasting the games, 3.1 and then they’re rebroadcast on 44.1 and 44.2.

It looks like the games are now scheduled on 44.1.

Are you seeing the same?

Did you remove all three of these stations in your test, or just the one?

I did 3.1 but tried to schedule the games only on 3.1. FYI, I did a factory reset and I was able to schedule a Suns game. I will see if it records when I return from vacation.

OK! Keep us posted.

I have verified, I am now able to schedule and watch my games now


Woo hoo! So glad to hear it and thanks so much for your help with getting to the bottom of this issue.