4th Gen needs a lot of work

Have Tablo 4th gen 2 tuner connected via WiFi on Roku.

  1. Watch a program, go back to Tablo home page. Select Live, no data.

  2. Watch a program, go back to Tablo home pag. No favorites displayed

  3. While watching a program, will automatically go to Tablo home page .

There are other issues that I’m having with the device and have been brought to the attention of support. Still have not been resolved.

Very disappointed in the device.

I just tried this on my Roku TV, with white 4th gen tablo, I don’t have this issues. I cannot recreate what you listed above.

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Not on Roku TV. Roku Streaming Stick 4k 3820R2, ver 12.5.0 build 4178-E6