4tb hard drive on sale

BB has a 4tb WD hard drive on sale today for $99. I always wanted to upgrade from my current 1tb drive but I’ve read about how the larger capacity drives can become problematic with Tablo. Are my concerns justified? I don’t want to ruin my 2+ years of mostly trouble free experience.

No problems here. Upgraded to a 4TB G Drive well over a year ago.

I did see where one person who was having problems with a larger capacity mobile drive, turned out it was due to electrical current requirements. He ended up adding a powered USB hub and all was well.

But many others have had no issues with the mobile drive. Varies by brand / model.

My 4TB is a desktop version so it has its own power supply.

I would say either go with a desktop model if they are about the same price, or if the mobile one is a better deal, go for it, try it, if it has issues, add a powered hub. Again, most have no issues, just wanted to point out options exist if it does turn out to be one of the more power hungry ones.