4 tuner Tablo sold out?

Likely a good problem to have but can the good folks @Tablo comment if any 4 tuner units will be heading to Tablo store in the near future? I noticed they’ve been SOLD OUT for at least a week or so. Kicking the idea of another setup but 2 tuner doesn’t really do it for us.

Although at the special sale price of $150 2 tuner refurbished, I might be convinced otherwise? http://us-store.tablotv.com/collections/frontpage-1/products/refurbished-tablo-2-tuner-over-the-air-hdtv-dvr

I see 4 tuner Tablo available through Amazon although I’d prefer to source directly from Tablo store even if it’s a little more money?

@enyapeoj - We’re working on a fresh batch in the factory but not sure when they’ll arrive so we’ve shuffled remaining stock to our retail partners to cover the holiday season.

Our friends at Amazon would be happy to send you a 4-Tuner :slight_smile:


Any updates on the availability of the 4 tuner? I need to buy one but if it will be after Christmas before they are available, I may have to purchase the 2-tuner.

The Quad tuner is available at Amazon.ca - so depending on how bad you want it, you could buy it from them. You’ll be faced with the CAD to USD exchange but it’s great right now.

Things were very busy over Black Friday/Cyber Monday… We’re working on getting more stock in to the channel. Hopeful it won’t take too much longer.

Thanks for the reply but apparently Amazon.ca will not ship electronics internationally (including the US). I got as far as the check out and a message popped up that it could not ship to my address (Florida)

Looks like the 4 tuner is back in stock at Newegg - just ordered one.

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Also back at Best Buy on BOTH sides of the border!

This problem seems to keep recurring. All four of the official US retailers are sold out of the 4-tuner, and only two have the 2-tuner. My friends want to buy but can’t. What’s up? Clearing out stock for a new model maybe? :smiley:

@Brettface - Nope! Just selling a lot faster than we thought this quarter which is a good problem to have. We need to forecast new builds at least a quarter in advance and things are ramping up quite quickly.

Should have some more stock in soon. Tell your friends to follow us on social media. When the stock is in place, we’ll let everyone know.