4 tuner tablo reset

Does anyone have any instructions on how to perform a reset on a 4 tuner tablo?

It seems the only references I can find are for a tablo DUO.

Are you talking about a reboot or factory reset?

Factory Reset Instructions

Factory reset for a 4 tuner tablo. Can’t find instructions anywhere.

The reset is the same on the dual and the quad unit.

Thanks, I see that now. It’s just unsettling in that near the very top of the link, it states those instructions only apply to the DUO.

I eventually found another link that didn’t have the disclaimer but turns out the instructions are the same.


This sentence is supposed to have a hyperlink in it to the link below “NOTE: If you are trying to factory reset your Tablo DUAL, use this article.”

The link below is for the Tablo DUAL, which is different than the link you provided.

@TabloTV could the support knowledge base article pleased be fixed?


On it!

Sorry for the confusion @nathanktc

Doing a full overhaul/update of the knowledge base is on the to-do list, but we’ll patch this up for now.

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