4 Tuner tablo reassigned

I’ve had a 4 tuner tablo for almost a year with very few problems. Recently when watching on either Nvidia shield the tuner will be reassigned and kick the other shield off and vice versa . I have a wired network with a 4 TB hard drive and the tablo is on a static ip.

Are you sure other tuners weren’t being used for recordings?

Or no one was watching completed recordings remotely? Remote viewing at a remote streaming quality less than Full Quality results in the use of a tuner.

Very many ways a few tuners can be in use. Live TV viewing has the lowest priority.

I am positive no one was watching remotely. Question. I know on a 2 tuner version, if you dont have a hard drive you can only use one tuner. Is that the same for the 4 tuner version?

If you don’t have a hard disk drive attached to the Tablo DVR, you can only use one tuner at a time.

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Do you not have a hard drive connected to the Tablo? lol