4 Tuner Tablo for Sale

First off, I really like my 4 Tuner Tablo, which I have had for more than a year. Unfortunately, my wife has never gotten used to the Tablo experience so after so many months of arguing about the merits of cutting the cable, it looks like I’ve come out on the losing end. As such, I have a 4 Tuner Tablo for sale for anyone interested in the Ottawa area. I’m selling it for $300. If you are interested, please let me know.

Sorry to hear it didnt work out for you… OTO my wife was the one who wanted to cut the cord after we had been using the tablo before we had originally planned… I wish you the best of luck … maybe one day she will understand what a lot of others do now.

Is it still available, I’m in Ottawa but was looking at the 2 tuner referb for 217, what would be your lowest price

Yes. CAD 275.

Might as well buy the 4 tuner refurb directly from Tablo for $300 CAD - they give you a one year warranty on the refurb for the extra $25.

Purchasing used from someone else does not transfer the warranty.