4-Tuner Tablo DVR now available (and a word on Aereo)

Wow Tablo fans - today is a busy day for us! 

First - we announced general availability of the 4-Tuner Tablo DVR with which you can record and watch up to FOUR channels at once. The 4-Tuner is available now from www.TabloTV.com and NewEgg.com

Secondly - We’re fielding a lot of questions on the Supreme Court’s decision to shut down Aereo, a web-based TV streaming service. This decision doesn’t impact Tablo, which remains 100% legal in both the US and Canada. 

So if you know someone looking for an #Aereo alternative please let them know about us!


It’s so sad.  I’m an Aereo (was) customer.  Aereo was great.  I have my Tablo on order, but now I have to get a big huge honkin antenna… the leaf thing only does UHF well… I’m more than 40 miles from the broadcast antennas.  Oh well… of course, now I’ll have even more features than I had with Aereo.  If all the broadcasters died tomorrow, I don’t think I would cry.  Aereo got shafted by the SCOTUS (not sure if Aereo lawyers were asleep or if this was influenced outside of law… it was one of the other I can assure you).

Welcome @cjcox - we hope you wind up loving Tablo as much as you loved Aereo. 


Appears to be available… Now to talk my wife into upgrading :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered a Tablo 4 tuner from Newegg.  Just missed the preorder, but it was only $10.  Dropped Tivo as I didn’t want the monthly.  Hooked up an old computer (Windows MCE).  It’s functional, but clunky and brings with it all the Windows crap.

Planning on the lifetime sub.  If I understand correctly, that’s $150 lifetime on the account (so if I add a Tablo or replace one, I still keep the guide, right?).

@VegasSteve, you are correct.  Pay once, and you get it for as many Tablos as you own.

@snowcat… thanks for the quick reply!

Oh, and for anyone interested, the Tivo cancel was kinda drawn out.  The CS tried to keep me, lowering the monthly to $10.  No thanks.  Then $199 for lifetime.  Nope.  Told her I didn’t like the ‘lifetime’ when it only applied to one box.  Yada, yada, please stay.  No. 

I will pay for the Tablo lifetime account wide with the money I save from a cancelled Tivo sub (old sub was $13) in a year.  Granted the cost of the box is up there, but I have Roku and a USB drive.  I hate monthly fees, lol.

One other question.  Anyone know the power draw on a Tablo box and if it constantly spins the USB drive or only when it’s in use?

@VegasSteve, check this out http://community.tablotv.com/discussion/328/power-usage#latest

@ Jestep, thanks, just what I was looking for!