4 Tuner Tablo and Hard Drive for Sale

I have a 4 tuner Tablo I would like to sell. Purchased new in November 2015. I really liked the setup, but I live in a fringe area and have to use a rotor on my antenna. The scan options on the Tablo do not allow me to save channels from one location and turn my rotor and scan in another direction. I have the Tablo and a WD 1TB Element Portable External Hard Drive $200.00 shipped in U.S. Paypal

Exceptional deal.

Too bad. Two antennas?

I’ll buy that from you! How do I contact you privately?

If @Swanson doesn’t end up buying it, I’m interested.

You should be able to click on his name and “message” him privately to exchange emails.

Thanks… I knew it was possible, just didn’t know how!

As an alternative to an antenna with a rotor, there are 2 possibilities. First, you might try a good omnidirectional antenna. Depending how far you are from the towers, whether you need both UHF &VHF capability, height above the ground, etc, that may work for you. The other alternative might be to try two high quality antennas, each pointed in the right directions, fed to a combiner (works like a splitter in reverse) fed to your Tablo.

Years ago, I lived in an area where I could get OTA channels from both Philadelphia and New York, using a really high quality antenna mounted above the roof, with a rotor. Back in those days, we didn’t have to worry about DVRs, just a single input VCR.