4 tuner recording in few minute chunks?

Anyone recognize this symptom? Our years old four tuner Tablo is recording a show broken into a 1 min segment then a 6 min segment then a 2 min segment, etc. It’s a quality hard drive, a few months old. I have two small fans keeping it cool. Thoughts?

That occasionally happens to me. In my cases it was a weak signal that the Tablo dropped and then picked up again.

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Thanks for the thought. For sure we have one channel that frequently doesn’t record due to weak signal. But in those cases we get a “didn’t record due to weak channel strength” message, or some such thing. This symptom is new to me.

I’ll have to see if we’re seeing this on multiple/all channels. Am guessing yes.

Because of all this I dashed out two days ago and bought a $79 two tuner Tablo 4th gen. It’s on the same antenna as our four tuner model, and it’s doing great (knock wood). I need an external drive for the 4th gen and so will (maybe) pull the drive from the old Tablo and see if it registers as being OK.

Thanks again.


The 4th Gens have a built in signal booster. If the problems persist, you may want to invest in a good Channel Master or WineGuard signal booster. Also, check the direction that your antenna should be aimed at: www.rabbitears.info

Well it looks like you are correct! The problem/symptom has migrated to the new 4th gen I bought. Is it contagious?

I kept whining “nothing changed!” but that’s not totally true. There a big new two story house going in down the street. It’s wide with lots of steel beams and is line of site to our city’s broadcast antennas.

Our outdoor antenna is modest and rises just above the peak of our garage. My guess is that if I raise it ~5’ that’ll solve the problem. A booster is another thought but I like the “raise the antenna” idea better. Thoughts? Thanks for the input.

If you are going to raise the antenna, you might consider upgrading your antenna at the same time given that you consider it “modest”. I have had good luck with Antennas Direct products, but it depends on your circumstances. The 4Max is a nice VHF/UHF model. Also, you might try for a 10-feet raise to be sure, and check the aim. Use Quad Shield RG6 cable.


If you get pixelation, a good signal booster may solve it.


I think that this one has a built in LTE filter which also might help. Good resources are “Antenna Man” videos on YouTube.

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I was seeing some recordings doing this. I then noticed the v4 built-in antenna amplifier was on by default out of the box. Since I already have a WineGuard antenna amplifier installed, I turned off the built-in v4 amplifier that I didn’t notice was enabled by default out of the box. Since then I rarely see this happen as often.

They should ask a question about enabling the built-in amplifier during setup since their online knowledge base advises not use the built-in amplifier if you already have an external antenna amplifier installed on your antenna system.

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Solved! I’d have been amazed if anyone (not in Austin) guessed the problem!

I raised the antenna
and slightly changed the direction of the antenna
and replaced the antenna/coax adapter
and changed the 25’ indoor coax cable to a new quad shielded external coax.

Problem not solved.

I went to look at the signal strength. Looked OK but then it hit me. ABC, CBS, PBS, etc. were all channels ending in -1. NBC, on the other hand, ended in -5. Then I remembered.

A while back (? a year?) NBC Austin affiliate went off the air and after a few days said “massive equipment failure of our broadcast… don’t know when 36-1 will be back. Until then, use 54-5”. We did but apparently it’s lower power or on a tower in a different direction or they just changed something on 54-5.

Anyway I’m now back on 36-1. All good. Sorry to have wasted your time. :grin:

Did you rescan the channels?

Yep. Rescanned and deselected 54-5 and selected 36-1. All good now. Thanks!

I am glad that it all worked out.