4-Tuner Experience TabloTV troubleshooting experience

So, before I start, let me say that the replacement unit I was sent (October 15) has been MUCH more stable and reliable. Still some network disconnects (weekly-ish?), but nothing like before with the first unit purchased August 1 2018.

I just want to share an over-all great experience with TabloTV support and all the steps taken to attempt to resolve these issues along the way. I hope it helps others seeing similar issues moving forward.

Timeline -

August 1 2018 -

Purchased 4-Tuner TabloTV

Initial set-up - Positioned the unit on-top of a shelving unit in the bedroom below the attic where the antenna is. Connected via Ethernet to Apple Airport Express. Shortest possible length for the coax. Channel Scan showed more stations than I’d have hoped for, all green, several pre-checked as “Recommended” Added to the Guide.

Unit disconnected from the network, needing to be manually rebooted in order to be seen by the AppleTV aprox every 24 hours. Everything would work while watching TV, but the unit would loose connection while family wasn’t using it.

Searched here on the forums and took recommended steps:

1: Turn the device on it’s side to help cooling,
2: Reserve an IP address on the router for the device based on MAC address.
3: Replaced the patch cable from the Tablo to the Airport Express.

The daily disconnects continued for three more days.

Then, it worked perfectly, with out a single disconnect for 19 days.

During this time, I observed that the amber activity light on the TabloTV Ethernet port never illuminated.

September 2018 -

Beginning early September, the TabloTV began to disconnect daily again.

Then, after a manual re-boot, it stopped working at all. No live tv, guide data would remain blank, artwork for shows wouldn’t load, etc.

Re-booted again, and the AppleTV refused to connect to the Tablo.

Contacted Tablo Support.

Was advised to run the RouteThis app with the device/network.

Based on feedback from Tablo Support, I went back in the attic, checked the antenna, connections, etc.

Re-Scanned channels, and found even more stations available, added green/good signal stations all but one pre-checked as “Recommended”.

Found that the AppleTV would reconnect to the Tablo. In-fact, found that the Tablo had been recording properly the entire time I couldn’t connect to it. Happy surprise. Sadly. couldn’t get anything to play, was getting these errors.

“Failed to load. Received an invalid response”
And a black screen with a red “Ghostbusters” symbol in the lower corner of the screen.

Was advised to, and performed a factory reset on the device.

The unit froze on loading of guide data. Rebooted the device and tried again the next day.

Daily disconnects continued. The Tablo needed to be manually rebooted to get AppleTV to reconnect.

Continued to exchange emails with Tablo Support.

October 2018 -

Was advised that the unit could be having DNS issues, so changed the DNS server settings on the router.

Was advised to put the Tablo into Remote Support Mode.

TabloTV began to disconnect multiple times a day.

Tablo again refused to play live or recorded tv at all.

Asked for a goodwill replacement after another factory reset did not resolve the issue.

Received the NEW TabloTV 4-tuner on Oct 15 2018 -

Observed a few differences immediately.

1: Ethernet port behaved as expected.
2: The Tablo Wifi network wasn’t transmitting.

The old TabloTV unit never stopped broadcasting on Wifi even though the device was connected to Ethernet.

The new device continued to disconnect from the AppleTV, but far less than the old unit. Also, when it disconnects it doesn’t need to be manually re-booted in order for the AppleTV to find it again.

One odd difference is that the old TabloTV wouldn’t interrupt a recording when it lost it’s connection to the AppleTV. This new one does?

November 2018 -

The new 4-Tuner TabloTV seems to be working much better than the original unit.

No more daily disconnects requiring a manual reboot to get the AppleTV to see it.

Was able to watch the entire NASCAR Cup race at Miami-Homestead without issue.

Some oddities, best saved for their own posts (5.1 surround issues) why would full-signal green/checked/recommended stations end up failing due to weak signals?

Again, I hope this timeline and steps taken to troubleshoot and resolve the issues I had helps others here.

Happy Thanksgiving!