4-tuner Audio Sync (Roku 3, Roku XD, Chrome, Plex)

Received my 4-tuner a couple days ago. The plan is to replace 2 TiVos with the Tablo. It is a neat little device, and most of my experience has been positive. There have been some missing features that have been covered extensively in this discussion forum. However, there is one topic that may have been dropped that is a real issue with my device:

Audio Sync

It seems to be ever-present. With my device, no matter how I play the video, the audio always follows the video by a split second. As an example – in the Seinfeld episode (720p broadcast) about frozen yogurt George’s father smacks him in the head with a magazine. Comedy gold, right? Not so much when the audible SMACK occurs after the magazine has already bounced off George’s head. Same episode, Kramer snaps his fingers, “Giddyup !”. The audible snap follows the visible snap.

To be true… this is usually a nagging problem that someone may not really know is there… sometimes I catch myself watching lips to confirm it is still happening. It seems to usually be there. Never more than 1/4 second and sometimes not perceivable.

I’ve viewed the same episode on my TiVo Premeire - no audio issue there.

Roku 3 (Tablo channel - wired) - sync issue
Roku XD (Tablo channel - wireless) - sync issue
Chrome (Windows 7 desktop - wired) + Tablo Web - sync issue
Chrome (WIndows 7 desktop - wired) + Plex + Tablo channel - sync issue

4-tuner model
- >80% signal strength on tested channel
- Gigabit ethernet (wired to same switch as above [wired] devices)
- 2TB Fantom external HDD

Is a fix forthcoming? This is a real shame because it is ALMOST ready to replace our expensive TiVos.

Some recorded episodes continue to have sync issues… but since a Tablo reset, current Live and recently recorded episodes do not.

@cedarrapidsboy Thanks for the kind words, and for all the detail :)!

In regards to your issue(s) with audio sync:

We haven’t observed or heard of any bugs in regards to an audio sync issues that haven’t been solved by a reboot (or new recording sample).

This can sometimes happen that the original broadcast is out of sync - and the Tablo transcoding it doesn’t actually change this at all. If the original recording has some issues, a reboot/upgrade won’t effect the original recording.

That being said - let me know if this crops up again, and we’d be happy to take a deep dive into this to make sure nothing’s gone wrong.