4-tuner, 4K TV and HD 1080 recording quality

I’m a new owner of 4-tuner model. When I watch recordings on my 4K TV through an Amazon Fire TV, they just don’t look that great - lots of artifacts in the picture. I am currently using the default/recommended recording quality. I guess my question is, can I really change to one of the HD 1080 settings and still record 4 shows at once all going to a USB 2 drive? It just seems like a lot of data and ripe for problems.


What problems are you expecting? USB 2.0 throughput rates are 280 Mb to 480 Mb per second. The WD elements drive in USB 2.0 mode is rated at 480 Mb per second. If the tablo records in 1080 mode that works out to 10 Mb per second. Four tuners in use and 6 playback devices simultaneously works out at 100 Mb per second.

Your network may not be able to handle 100 Mb per second. But that is a user hardware configuration issue. Or the tv’s 4K upscaler isn’t that good.

The answer is a definite yes…this is what I’ve been doing for a long while. No issues due to USB 2 throughput at all.
I’m using the 720p / 60fps 10Mbps setting…works great and looks very reasonable on my 70" 4K Vizio.

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You won’t have any issues with recording 4 1080p streams at 10 Mbps to your HDD.

However, if your Tablo is connected via WiFi to your router, or your playback devices are connected via WiFi, you may have buffering issues IF your router does not provide very strong WiFi signal to deviecs.

Give it a try - see how it goes.

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Thanks everyone, appreciate the replies. Everything is hardwired on the network so I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

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Mine is also all hardwired…and works great. Go for it and let us know if the picture quality looks better to you.

Unfortunately, I think my quality problems were my Amazon FireTV (1st generation). Still experienced same issues with highest quality. Switched out for a Roku and things greatly improved. Thanks again for all the info/feedback.