4 tuner 2 ant tablo

Would be nice to see a Tablo with 2 antenna inputs. I am in the middle of two towers and pointing the antenna one way does not always mean a reliable signal from the other tower.
being able to run two antennas to the tablo and using the software to select which antenna to use to view a certain channel or have the tablo automatically pick the strongest signal source would be a neat feature.

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There are already two options you can try.

You can try try an omnidirectional antenna, which should be able to pick up signals from any direction.

Or you can combine two directional antennas to one lead and you will have what you are asking for. Just look for a splitter/combiner. It usually works best if you keep the leads from the antennas to the combiner the same length.

What ever you try, just be sure to do a new channel scan and save to guide once you have everything hooked up and you should be good to go.

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A combiner is what you need. Be careful, not all splitters are combiners. The coax from the antenna to the combiner should be exactly the same length. If you use an amp, install it after the combiner.

If you think you want some kind of AB coax switch, built into your tablo, you’re probably mistaken.

These are dated technology, although still available.

It may not always be practical to replace an antenna,as previously mentioned, a combiner or a quality omnidirectional antenna is your best option.

Hard to follow your logic considering your tablo has more than one tuner. Making it capable of viewing/recording multiple channels - from opposite directions.

This is the one I use to combine 3 antenna, make sure coax cable are all the same length when your combining antenna going to the combiner.

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