4 minutes to load from Roku 3 - WTH?

I have posted in a couple of other threads with no results. Thought I would try a new thread. Is anyone else experiencing really long load times? Like 4 minutes long? First load of guide and anytime we delete anything it takes about 4 minutes to get the guide up.

I have rebooted both units (tablo and roku) and I have 2 rokus with the same problems on both.

Any suggestions about how to fix it?

Are you talking about long load times for the Recordings page on Roku? I’ve noticed that when I have multiple tuners in use, that the Recordings page may never load… just get the spinning circle. It comes up almost instantly on my Chrome browser, and Android app on my phone. If no tuners are in use, comes up relatively quickly on Roku. Interestingly, doesn’t seem to matter if I’m recording off the 4 tuners, or just streaming live content.

I notice in your original post you’re using a wireless network.

Best performance will be with the Tablo and the Roku hardwired to the same network switch/router.
However, if you do have to use wireless, here are some considerations…

Wireless routers are usually set to a default wireless channel.
This default channel is probably being used by everyone else in your neighborhood, and can cause interference.
For example, the default 802.11g channel is usually 6.
Switch to 1 or 11.

802.11n can transfer network data (up to 150 Mbps - 600 Mbps) much faster than 802.11g (up to 54 Mbps).
However, 802.11g goes thru walls more easily, and reaches out further than 802.11n.
So, if you’re using 802.11n at a distance of 70 feet with 3 interior walls to make the signal go thru, like in my case, choose 802.11g, instead.

Physical objects between the network device, like a Roku, and the wireless router’s antennaes, weaken, and in some cases completely block with wireless signal.
Wireless signals will be completely blocked by metal, so if you have a refrigerator between your Roku, and your wireless router, you may need to move the router or the Roku to get to a sweet spot that has better line of sight for the two.

Well, since you asked the answer is no. But then again I don’t have a Roku–I use the Amazon Fire TV. That may be an indicator there.

The most I have ever had (excluding the initial setup) was about 30 seconds.

Is this just specifically for loading the Recordings List? Or actually starting playback of a recording?

And Wireless AC is better than g and n. I am having better luck with the FireTV Stick in the bedroom than the Roku LT 2700x, which only uses 2.4 GHz network.

Differences in WiFi and reviews of routers http://homenetworkadmin.com/wireless-b-vs-g-vs-n-vs-ac-difference/

I have a Roku 3 and the display of the recordings page seems to take an unreasonably long time. After I delete a recording, it also takes a similar long time to re-display the recordings page. The long delay happens with the nominal Tablo channel as well as the Tablo Beta channel.

I am using all hardwired Ethernet (powerline adapters) for the Roku 3 and Tablo.

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Hey folks - this is something we’re looking into today.

We may need to get some logs from your Tablo so please stay tuned.

Let me know how I can help in getting this fixed. I have tried about everything I know and it has not gotten any better. I have a great wireless connection with the Roku for everything else (hulu, netflix, etc) but loading the guide or refreshing the guide after deleting something on Tablo still takes about 4 minutes. Really tough to use it. Other than that it seems to work fine.

So I can’t access my recording page from my Roku, it just spins

Also, I’m seeing an issue where I can’t play live tv or recordings from any device (Roku, iOS, android). I need to reset my Tablo to make things work again. This happens several times a week. Does anyone have this issue?

Currently, I can see live tv and recordings on my phone. Roku will not load recordings.

Using your Roku remote, press the back button, in the upper left of the remote, enough times to completely exit the Roku Tablo app.
Then open the Roku Tablo app, connect to your Tablo, and see if it displays your recordings.

I had to do the above a couple days ago myself.
I used to exit out of the Roku Tablo Preview app by hitting the Roku remote Home button, but now always back out all the way to exit.

I wish that worked.

Update to my post…

The Tablo Preview channel was updated on my Roku 3 today. The recording page now populates in about 20 seconds. That is a great improvement from 4 minutes!


I too started experiencing much, much longer delays in loading recordings, deleting, and generally moving through the Roku navigation on all my Roku 3’s since the Tablo firmware update yesterday. All my connections are hard-wired Cat-6.

Rebooting all devices from router to Tablo to Rokus to switches helped somewhat. But a new bug as far ss I am concerned. It does NOT affect iOS devices, only Rokus here.


I’m experiencing the same problems. I posted a thread just for this… and barely got responses. This was all since I updated to the recent firmware.

I think that the largest contributor to the problem is we can now have 5 TB disk, and the MORE recordings you have, the LONGER it is going to take to load. What is your network infrastructure like? 2.4 GHz wireless, 5 GHz wireless? Which is your Roku connected to? I recently upgraded my router to add Wireless AC, since I know the Roku 4 supports it. My Roku 4 is connected WIRELESS and it only took a 1.5 minutes to start displaying the images. I then started scrolling down to S since I wanted to watch Storm Stories. Then the graphic for it shows up. Tablo is still connected wireless. BUT all my devices are now on the 5 GHz WiFi. In fact I am thinking of turning off the 2.4 GHz network. I don’t know if it will help any. Microwaves, gararge door openers, etc. might be using 2.4 GHz radio frequencies. Or even your neighbor.

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I have lots of recordings. I need to clean it up. I stopped recording some shows because there are only 24 hours in a day, I leave for work around 6 AM and get home around 6 PM Monday - Friday (off every other Friday). Have to sleep sometime and usually go to bed around 10 PM. That only leaves 4 hours for dinner and TV on weekdays.

@TabloTV would it be possible to have “Watch TV Shows” “Watch Movies” “Watch Sports” and eliminate some of the recordings from showing up? Just thinking of a way to improve it.

I ‘MIGHT’ would understand that theory, however, it was substantially faster BEFORE the update. I’ve had the same amount of data, on the same drive. There’s nothing different other than the firmware update. Now it literally takes 2 minutes and 9 seconds to access 'My Recordings" within the Tablo Roku Channel. If I go to the Chrome Browser via PC, it’s just a fast as it always has. (Using Cat6 Gigabit network. Roku is hardwired as well)

I’ve got that beat! I only have a 500 GB drive and it’s up to 25 seconds to load a few dozen shows which only take up about 1/4 of the drive. I had it about half full a month or so ago (after the 2.2.2 update) and it only took a couple seconds to load. I had to do a factory reset a few weeks ago and lost all my recordings. I’m not on 2.2.6 yet either.