3rd Party Apps for Commerical Skip

I’ve discovered beta.tablotv.com (accessed via browser) has an option to enable commercial skip. Although the :heavy_check_mark: doesn’t appear to be persistence, the setting holds? image

Quirk, the HTML Application shows an older version than the current one on my.tablotv.com. There is no indication weather or not commercial skip has processed on any shows (it’s a beta site). With 3rd party apps like APL Tablo or tablo-tools-electron it’s possible to verify which shows have had successfully been processed - ok, so 3rd party apps can already tell.

With all the pita gobbledygook you end up back with the http://tablo1.lan:18080/pvr/235255/pl/ playlist directory. Seems the ones with the add cc are the commercial skip playlist. You can stream via any media player plv3.m3u8 and plv3cc.m3u8 and notice a difference. (Those the are the two I chose). If you want to get away from the :18080/pvr, you can extract the port 80 streaming playlist from the file and still works.

The next step -

ffmpeg -loglevel warning -i "http://tablo1.lan/stream/pls.m3u8?2pzBmefxcAZleYoqNyQUZw&fmt=v3&cc" -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -vcodec copy -acodec copy -crf 18 "test.mp4"

surprisingly gave me a video with the commercials “skipped”!

Now, now we need developers to incorporate this into 3rd party apps! I understand tablo’s commercial skip comes with criticism and cost like… $20 for an entire year. There are some apps already with this ability, some better, some needing assistance. I suspect if it’s already there, for developers with more of a clue than what I have - something could be incorporated.

I don’t really have a bit problem tapping through commercials, it might be nice for archives… well, not for all the ones I already have :(.

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I played with this a bit this morning…it seems the difference between the ‘main’ playlist and the cc playlist is the addition of &cc to the end of the streaming URL. So, for one of my CC ready recordings I have right now, I get the following URL

if I simply make that

I get a stream without the commercials…that seems easily enough incorporated into my app :slight_smile:

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That seems too easy! But if it is that’s way too cool!!

And I guess the obvious was suppose to be a secret – the topic has become unlisted.

I certainly didn’t know about beta.tablotv.com until you mentioned it…I wonder if we aren’t supposed to know about it?..FYI, none of this has been covered in the docs because it’s not out of beta yet :slight_smile:

I stumbled across it in real old topics

I didn’t know either, then noticed the com skip… I never got to try - or will without paying first :{

So again, it didn’t seem to be a secret, especially if I found it

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TabloTV seldom responds to me when I post to them directly… here not even

Sorry, we’re not ready for this to come out. It’ll cause problems for users.
You are not authorized to use that service and are violating our TOS

Just any comment… just silence

That URL is super old and is no longer used so we unlisted this topic to avoid any confusion with other users.

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but it was still up (doesn’t seem to be now)…but it had the ability to enable Commercial Skip?..which would make it seem newer than the current one…

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YUP! That’s exactly what I avoided say’n (and I’m not generally good at that). So it was in use, commercial skip isn’t “super old”.
But it certainly could cause confusion with other users, as some are confused enough already :neutral_face:
Now I’m back to not getting to “try out” commercial skip -without a proprietary device- until it’s released for the web app… after it’s a premium subscription service.

Well, if you turned it on via that site before they took it down, it should still be turned on…and with the &cc trick we identified…you should be able to watch commercial free tv in your own streamer :slight_smile:

I had turned it off. I had noticed the amount of outbound traffic. I was going to recording marathon-like shows on Ion-TV, same show for maybe 12hrs. You can get nearly an entire season in a few days.

Until I got a better understanding how it would impact things I didn’t want to add overhead to my “light-weight” internet connection. As with guide updates, I don’t believe you can schedule processing. Most/many users want to watch shows quickly… others are alright waiting.

It would be nice to schedule an overnight upload even for users without a super-fast internet connection, instead of just saying - it’s too slow. My 1.5mbps is too slow, but seemed to work… but only under ideal conditions.

I have tried the addendum you suggested to the URL (with the shows I still have)… way too easy! If/when com skip becomes really accurate and really reliable it could be worth $20/year – now that it may fit my methodology :slight_smile:

I wish I knew what command to issue to turn it on…I’m positive there is an API to allow it, I just don’t know what it would be :slight_smile:

There are references to beta.tablotv.com dating back to July 2014 - Jan 2019… suddenly someone says “look how cool this is!”

Suddenly it’s “super old and is no longer used” and there’s concern it may cause “confusion with other users.”

…but com skip isn’t more than a few months old :shrug: and there are already aptly confused users.

If you knew this was damage control… well maybe you’d have spent the small window cipher’n the process :neutral_face: cause now we may never know.

They released the updated android app earlier today, if you have one of those phones you might be able to turn it back on now :slight_smile:

Thanks! I can look into that for some trials. Along those lines, it appears as though the Android app (virtually resembling the web app) most likely uses WebView aka chrome, so a pure browser version ought to be close.