3rd major failure now cannot connect

twice over a couple of years the HD after an “update” got corrupted on my dual tuner Tablo with a 1TB external WD USB HD connected. Numerous resets and clearing the HD resolved those issues but now I’m stuck with a new issue.

Last week I deleted a whole bunch of “Home Improvement” shows but 2 refused to be deleted. No matter what I did, those 2 shows remained but there was no 2 in the upper right corner of the icon for that show which would normally indicate how many shows had been recorded.

No big problem but now starting 2 days ago when I launch the Tablo app on my NVIDIA Shield, I get a Connecting in 5,4,3,2,1 a pause then Connecting in 5,4,3,2,1. Non-stop.

So I tried to connect via my laptop and no connection. the ethernet light on the Tablo is flashing but does not seem to be connecting. I just get a timeout in Chrome. Reset the Tablo numerous times with the same result. Everything else, 2 laptops, NVIDIA Shield, Cell Phones on WiFi, Printer, a Samsung Smart TV all seem to have access to my network, some ethernet and some WiFi.

Have you rebooted your router through all of this?

Thanks for the response theuser86.

Yes 3 times. Also, I now, for what ever reason, have LIMITED access to the Tablo via my laptop.

After one of the numerous Tablo resets, I got a message on its web page {my.tablo.com} that an update was available so I allowed that to take place. I can now view Live TV {ONLY on my laptop} but the guide is not populated, nothing in the TV Shows or Movie menu, Nothing in the Scheduled recordings and no recorded shows {as I would expect} The NVIDIA Shield still keeps looping waiting to connect but never does.
Live TV via the laptop is flawless so the Tablo–>Ethernet–>Router–>WiFi–>Laptop is working.