3 hour program stopped recording after46 minutes last night

I submitted a ticket last night and unforunately I haven’t heard back from anyone.  We recorded the CMA award show on ABC from 7pm - 10pm last night.  Around 8:30, we started watching from the beginning.  At the 46 Minute mark, the recording was over.  I checked on my ipad and the show showed it was still recording but again, only the first 46 minutes out of 3 hours recorded.  This is a first! 

I really want to know what happened.

@wkufan92 Howdy! I sent over a response earlier this morning :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen a response.  Can you confirm the email address it went to?  It should be charlesandandra@bellsouth.net.

@wkufan92 Yep, that’s where it went. Just it sent over again!

I have no idea what is going on but I have not received any emails from you guys.  I just checked again.  Can you forward to wkufan1@gmail.com

@wkufan92 done!

Ok, the only thing I received at wkufan1@gmail.com was an email stating that my request was received.  Have you found an issue with the recording last night?

@wkufan92 Am I going to your spam by chance? Very odd… PM’ing you the thread.

I checked spam and nothing was there.  I have followed your instructions on the pressing the reset button 3 times . Let me know what you find.