3 - 5 Day Recording Loop

Feature request team:

I record the local news every day so I can watch it when I have time. Every Saturday I have to delete all of the old recordings to free up storage. It would be nice to have a feature that only saves the last 3 or 5 episodes. Can you add some type of recording loop where it will overwrite to old episodes? I do not want to Tablo housekeep on Saturdays. Thanks!

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Tivo has had this capability for almost forever.

I don’t remember this feature being listed on the www.tablotv.com site. If the feature is really a deal breaker maybe you should have gone in a different direction.

This request has been made many times, and the Tablo folks have said it’s on the list to be done at some point. But it’s not there yet and starting yet another thread about it isn’t going to change that.

Maybe it was edited but from what I am seeing, it doesn’t appear that the original poster said anything about it being a deal breaker. This is the feature request section, and he did what was expected, he requested a feature be added.

And yes its been requested many times, but not by this person. And if he did search for it before asking, he likely wouldn’t have found it with his interpretation as its been called something different…

(For anyone else new seeing this, it is usually referred to as “Keep “X” number of episodes” or “auto-delete”.)

How about a simple signal meter. That’s a feature that’s been ask for a number of times.

There use to be a very long forum thread containing a large number of user requests. Who knows what the real prioritized and committed list of features to be implemented in the near future actually is.

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Hi Sean, yea, that sounds like a feature I too could use. Just last night I sat down and deleted a bunch of news programs.