2- vs 4-Tuner

I got the 2-tuner and really like what I’ve experienced so far.

I’m considering the 4-tuner model.
I was told that if you connect two Tablos on the same network that there is an option to be able to switch between the two devices. Are there instructions or pictures of how this works anywhere? 
I’m trying to decide if I can get my with a second 2-tuner or if I should buy a new 4-tuner and then try to sell off my 2-tuner model.
Any thoughts?

Check out this blog post @j321cordcut - It should answer all your questions: www.tablotv.com/blog/tablo-tuner-math 

Your link is mis-formatted.

That helped with the overview, I just wish it had pictures or video of the interface.

@TabloTV I’m leaning toward the 4-tuner since it would keep things simpler for the rest of the family.

We don’t have a major need to separate kids’ and parents’ shows because we watch very little that the kids cant watch too… except things they wont want to watch like the news.
Having to teach the wife and kids how to switch devices would be a bigger hassle.
Anyone know a good place to sell the 2-tuner? Amazon doesn’t sell Tablo’s so I can’t sell a used one there.
Ebay might work, but I’m worried it would go for too little.

@j321cordcut - The interface is exactly the same as the 2-Tuner, it just lets you schedule more stuff in a single time slot. And the 4-Tuner looks pretty much the same as a unit as the 2-tuner. 

This question makes me smile and laugh… Due to the naivety of Tablo to build a product so interconnected to other devices (it doesn’t even have a HDMI port) and yet, totally miss the boat on having its own product scale. Yes, a four tunner device is great but imagine many Tablos on the same network and across networks (my buddies Tablos) all working together. A hive DVR! The sales $$$! But that’s when I start laughing… as just one Tablo can’t keep from recording the same episode two or more times… How many duplicates would exist with two or more Tablos. Now just imagine how many will exist on the four tunner models :slight_smile:

I smile because, I’m still waiting to see if my Tablo will rerecord episodes I’ve previously recorded, watched, and deleted. To think of owning two or more Tablos while having such modest expectations of one… Should cause one to smile and reflect ones true expectations.

Now there’s always those special circumstances, like kids vs. Adults, as well as having seperate atteneas connected to different Tablos… Useful if your geography can offer more channels that way. Mine can but without a single experience for all recordings, I’m just not very interested in a few extra channels and especially all the duplicates that would come from having more PBS stations.

@Thumbs - “Smart recording” options is something we’re looking at in the short term so this should fix your issue with duplicate recordings.

@Thumbs you can add a HDMI port with a Chromecast for $35, Works great and actually saved me $ as I already had a Chromecast and didn’t have to purchase another HDMI cable.

@Thumbs you can add a HDMI port with a Chromecast for $35, Works great and actually saved me $ as I already had a Chromecast and didn't have to purchase another HDMI cable.

ChrisWilkes, Thanks, that sounds perfect for me since I too already have a chromecast in one tv and a roku in another.

If the Chromecast works well, that's a cheap and easy way to hook up TabloTV to a BigScreen, I can't wait for my 4 tuner TabloTV to arrive so I can get to test both connects.

Thanks Doni

@TabloTV I didnt mean I wanted to see the interface of the 4-tuner… I meant I wish I could see a video of what the interface looks like when you go in to switch from one tablo to a second one (if one were to have two 2-tuner Tablo’s instead of a 4-tuner tablo)

Do you have or know of a video that shows this? I’m just trying to see how complicated it is for someone to switch between Tablo’s.

I don’t have a video of it, but on the iPad you see one interface for Tablo #1 and you swipe the screen horizontally to see Tablo #2.  On the Chrome interface, you have a drop down list and select the one you want.  


Here’s a screenshot of the drop down in the web UI. As @snowcat said, on the tablet apps you just have to swipe horizontally to find the other Tablo units connected to your network. We have a whole bunch connected here at the office and bounce back and forth between them all the time.