2 tuner with 3 Roku

Can I watch recorded and or live on three Roku at once with the two tuner?

Yes… but not all “live”. Live requires tuners. So, if nothing is going on (no recording), two people can watch Live on a 2 tuner setup. But 2 people could watch Live while 1 person watches a recorded show (for example).

Definitely. The two tuner will limit you to watching at most two live channels at once, but you can watch any number of recordings. Check out this blog about tuner math.


Thanks that was helpful. I have to ask, if I have a program recorded,can that program be watched on all three

Thank you for that link!

Yep. If you Tablo is wired, you could watch a recording on 6 devices at the same time.

One word of caution…there is no way to sync up live tv or recordings on every device. So while you might see the same show on two different devices, they may be a few seconds off from each other.

I was wondering if tablo got hallmark

I don’t think Hallmark is available over the air anywhere, so no. Tablo is OTA only.

From what I have experienced, the only way to watch Hallmark is with cable or one of the streaming services like Sling. The Hallmark streaming app requires a suscription with a sevice provider. The Hallmark Now subsciption streaming app only shows older material.

My wife buys season passes for Chesapeake Shores and When Calls The Heart from Amazon. This this lets her watch each show a few days after it shows on cable. Since it is only two series, this is the cheapest way for us to do it, other than going to a friend’s house.