2 Tuner Conflict with only 2 shows

Any reason I should be seeing this @TabloSupport??

Is the other show that you are trying to record broadcast on two channels at the same time? This happens a lot with shows broadcast on both a US and Canadian network at the same date and time, when you tell the Tablo to record all new episodes, etc - it selects both airings on both channels, tying up both tuners (and you end up with two recordings as well).

@johnjkle, no it is not, but that would be a problem on top of the recording duplicate shows too.

Anyway I opened a ticket with @TabloSupport and they are looking into it now

@Jestep Very odd. Our engineers are taking a look now! I’ll send you an update as soon as we have some information.

@TabloSupport, so I just had a few back and forth with you guys and it appears the guide info is incorrect on Tablo. Apparently Extant was moved to a new time slot this week, however my Tablo guide shows it at the old time slot. So it is very interesting that the conflict was picked up, but Live TV still shows it at the original time slot.

So everywhere I look in Tablo it still shows tonight at 9 and next week at 10, but it should show tonight as 10 as well 

@Jestep Hm. That can certainly explain the incorrect guide data - but it certainly should have updated by now. We’ve sent it over to the guide data provider, but I don’t think they’ll be able to fix this in time. You could try un-scheduling Extant and creating a manual recording for the time slot as a temporary work around.

@TabloSupport, yea, I thought about that, but Tivo will take it tonight :wink:


Ok, one more thing and this is probably the most interesting....

In the Web App on Chrome on my iMac, Extant still shows as 9pm start. 
But, in the iPad it shows at 10pm. 
On my Galaxy S5 in Chrome it shows at 9pm

So I cleared all the data from Chrome on the Computer and it did a long Sync and surprise surprise, it was correct now.