2 TB Hard Drive limit work around?

I know were limited to the 2 TB but can we work around this with a USB hub? I currently have two 2 TB WD My Ultra Passports. If not, will this feature be on the “To Do” list? I sure do hope so. Since the hard drives are compatible with Windows 8 and they work fine on the Tablo than basic logic suggests that I could use a compatible hub. However, things are not always so straight forward. What you say?

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@fliptop157 - Sorry, even using a hub the software doesn’t support multiple hard drives. Each would be given a number and the 2nd wouldn’t be used.

We’re working hard to finish support for larger drives. I’m hoping to have a general ETA soon.
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I would love this, my 320 GB HDD requires a lot of maintenance to keep it free. I want to get one of the 5 TB WD drives.

If it supports drives greater than 2TB drives, it also needs bulk delete, by season, by show series, and delete all. And also it needs to be stable and not crash. I’m hoping for a lot.

Podcast apps let you keep the last two shows for example. Look at podcast apps to get some inspiration.

All of these things are features we want to add @momendo

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