2 Tablo's to 1 Roku

I have 2 Tablo units. Am thinking about getting another antenna to point in an opposite direction and connect that to the second Tablo, which is currently not being used.

Can I have both tablos configured in one ROKU device?

Yes you can, but the Roku app can only connect to one Tablo at a time. You’ll need to disconnect/reconnect in the app when you want to switch - there is no consolidated view.

Do you need the additional tuners on the second Tablo? If not then you could connect both antennas to the same Tablo.

I have a similar setup and it works just fine. I have one at the east end of the house and one at the west end, renamed accordingly. There was no way to combine feeds, one antenna gets more channels, or better, than the other, at times. Switching is not hard.

Thanks all. Kinda what I expected but thought I would ask.