2 Tablos, Some different artwork


I just picked up a second Tablo and noticed that I have different artwork for several shows. The artwork that is on my first Tablo is really lame. The Bachelor and Bachelorette and sports are the worst. I don’t even know how many seasons ago those were from. The new artwork is really good, yet my older Tablo still displays the old stuff. There was a mini-series, Madoff. It had the generic ugly artwork and it aired again with better artwork, yet the old generic art stuck.

My team, the Cavs are in the NBA Finals again. One Tablo has a lame over compressed NBA logo and the other has a beautiful NBA Finals logo. One shows up as NBA Basketball and one shows as NBA Finals. There aren’t 2 separate shows to choose from. Any idea why this is?



*The image of Madoff is pulled off the web (its what the art looked like on the duplicate program), the others are from the Tablo web interface.

Are the Tablos both on the same firmware?

Each Tablo has its own update schedule for artwork. Basically there’s a 100 day countdown from the last update. At that point, if there is new art available for a show, it will be updated.

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yes. one is 2 tuner and 1 is a 4 tuner.

That bachelorette / bachelor artwork looks like its 4 years old, not 100 days. any plans for a faster cycle for UI/UX designers who are extremely anal and love new artwork? :open_mouth:

The guide cover art (and recordings, if the show is scheduled) is only updated if there is at least one new airing (during the guide pop) and it is over the 100 days. It’s possible that these shows weren’t scheduled or had airings during your last update window.

There is no way to force an image update.

So let me ask you this…One Tablo for the NBA Finals says NBA Finals in the guide showing the nice artwork and the original Tablo says NBA Basketball in the guide showing the ugly NBA logo artwork. Why would the same channel have different guide data on different boxes?

Images are stored locally so the guide populates more quickly. If the image hasn’t been updated on the Tablo, it will be different.