2 Tablos on the Same Network?

Can this be done ?

If so, can a Roku 3 be configured to select and playback either Tablo ?

Thanks for comments !


Yes and yes! :slight_smile:

Yes, and it’s very easy.

First, rename your Tablo so you can tell them apart e.g. “Larry’s Tablo” and “Mary’s Tablo” … or whatever you want.  All the apps (Roku, html, iPad, etc) will let you choose what Tablo to connect to.

Excellent !!! Thanks !!

My prior SimpleTV and SageTV systems used two separate, optimized OTA antennas for receiving one collection of channels to the north in Canada and a second set of channels to the southeast in the U.S. with two different multichannel tuners. Glad to hear that Tablo can also do it.

I will assume that my EPG subscription will work on both Tablo devices also, hopefully with 2 different ZIP codes ?

Yep one subscription is good for multiple Tablos you own.

Great news on all points. Thanks for the help !