2 Requests: Video Pop-out Option and LIVE link option

I would LOVE to see an option to “pop out” the video from the browser window, so it is a realizable window only showing the video without the browser. Is this possible?

I know there are Chrome extensions that do this with Youtube, that work great. Not sure if this is possible with the Tablo video or not.

Or maybe a stand-alone app?

Another feature that I think we REALLY need is an option to click to jump to the LIVE stream. We have 30sec forward and back, but not an option to click to take us back to LIVE.

Thanks for your time and all your hard work. LOVE my Tablo!!



Not sure if request 1 is possible, but I’ll definitely ask the dev team for you.

Not sure what you mean here… can you explain differently?

Right now if a user had been rewinding a live tv show, the only way to get back to the latest part is to hit fast forward a few times. It would be nice to just have one button that automatically goes to the latest part.


Ah OK - so if you’re watching a recording that’s in progress, you’d like a button that brings you directly to the ‘airing now’ portion?

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Exactly. :smiley:

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Cool feature. Will definitely send that along to the team.

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So we have in icon to skip 30seconds forward and backward, but no way to go back to live without continually hitting 30 seconds forward…then for me at least, that seems to eventually go back in time.


I am watching the live feed, I pause for say 10 minutes. Now I hit play again and obviously it’s starting at my pause point, but if I just want to jump back to the live feed, a button or icon to click to just back forward or instantly to what is live.

Does that make sense?

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I am still testing this Chrome Extension, but so far, the pop-out feature works PERFECT!


BTW - Here is another Extension, which is a speed control, which also works perfectly with Tablo. Great for rewatching a a clip of a sporting event in slow-mo

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This can be described as a " Live TV " button. Much like you see on many DVR’s. TiVo and the current Netbox from Rogers Cable version 2.0 and 3.0 versions.

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