2 Duos in 2 different cities

Looking to buy a Duo for my condo in Palm Springs, CA. I live in Seattle and I like to tune into local news or Seahawks, Mariners etc if not broadcast nationally when in PS so considering another Duo for my Seattle location. Will I have the ability while in Palm Spring to select which Tablo I can watch, Seattle or the PS one? Does the app have the ability to choose between the two? How is the remote streaming for what I am trying to do, more headaches than its worth?

You need to be on the same “local network”. Theoretically, you can accomplish this with a VPN (site to site, not the purchased VPNs online). You can setup routers to establish the site to site, and they would appear to be on the “local network”.

NOTE: this can take a lot of bandwidth to establish & maintain that connection.

Today, if you want to use the Tablo Connect (for remote access) system, you’d need 2 subscriptions, one for each Tablo device. End clients must pair with both Tablos first (on same network together) before going remote.

The “apps” usually have a way to disconnect from one Tablo and connect to the other.

(I have two Tablo units)

Depending on what device you use to watch Tablo. Roku can not watch remotely, but Android can. You would need to have the guide data subscription. When did you get your first Tablo? At one point the guide data subscription applied to ALL your Tablos, but they changed it, and grandfathered in the people that had it the other way.

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Yes, you need to check for Tablo Connect capability on the end device, do as the @beastman says.

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Thank you, I will check compatability with a few devices first at home, even if can watch a game on an Android tablet remotely it’s better than nothing. Years ago I had Vulkano for remote watching and it worked ok, not great. Hoping Tablo has improved on that.

I just use my phone or laptop.

I have two Duo’s, one in Florida and one in New Jersey. We do not use a VPN. Both duo’s are on the same Tablo account. To watch the remote unit, your viewing device must be “paired” with the Tablo unit locally. We have FireTV Sticks and carry them to Florida and “pair” them with that unit. Then in NJ, we can watch the Florida stations, or switch to the local Tablo and watch the NY stations. You might be able to avoid the “pairing” if all units are on a single VPN. However that would cause problems with other services that require local authentication. You can “pair” your mobile phone the same way, and then watch anywhere on your phone and even cast your TV with a Chromecast device.