2.4 network on galaxy S9


For a strange reason when I connect to 2.4 network, there is no sound. If I change to 5 or LTE then the sound works. Anyone else have this problem or have an idea why?


that’s truly weird…now, just for clarification purposes. I assume by 2.4 and 5, you are referring to wireless network signals…are you talking about connecting the client to 2.5/5/LTE, or talking about connecting the Tablo to one of those? Can you please explain your setup a bit more…not that I know how any of that will help with identifying why sound would come out of one but not the other…but, just for clarification purposes


It just seems strange. Normally I watch on LTE and use Roku or AppleTV for home.

  1. My own cable modem, connected to my router by cat-6. Everything is wireless and have reservations.

Do you have segmented network at all, is your 2.4 in a different subnet or anything from your 5? I assume your 5 is internal to your network, but your LTE is external?..


The 2.4 and 5 are in the same subnet. Just named differently so I an tell them apart. LTE is Tmobile.


Ok, not that any of that helped the root of the issue, where two different network connections, one on-net, one off net work, but one of the on-net doesn’t…the speed/frequency of your connection to the network should have no impact at all on your ability to receive sound.

Being you are talking about TMobile, I assume the client is a cell phone…I assume same application regardless of connection, correct? Can you provide the name/version of the application? In case that helps someone with answering.


I don’t really watch Tablo on phone when I’m home, so no big deal.