2+2 Tuner Tablo

I was thinking about an issue of running two antennas and cochannel interference that I am seeing.

To solve this issue, I was going to use a notch filter to nock down the interfering channel on one of the antennas. I could also use a second two tuner Tablo.

What would really solve it is a Tablo with 2 Coax inputs with each having their own 2 Tuners.

I don’t think you would need to change the 4 tuner Tablo that much other than adding a second coax input and dividing the pathways to the tuners.

You would need to bind channels to their tuners, which would be a software issue.

A 2+2 tuner Tablo would be awesome for those of us who can pick up two or more TV markets.

@Galroc - Thanks for the feedback. 

There are a few folks like you and we’re looking at ways to better serve those who have access to multiple OTA TV markets. Stay tuned.