2.2.2 Possible Bug

Was watching Jeopardy at 7:45pm on 4-1 CBS Buffalo, and Big Brother was set to record at 8:00pm. When it hit 8 I was kicked out of of the Tablo app and ended up to the main Roku home screen.

Can someone please and try and reproduce it.

Tablo 2.2.2 Firmware
Roku 3 (Will update details later)
Roku Tablo Preview app
Tablo hardwired to Netgear AC3200 router and Roku 3 10ft away Wireless N.

Likely intended result of stopping Live TV streaming to begin recording.

Were you recording anything else at 8 pm?

Do you have a dual tuner or quad tuner?

I notice this stopped happening once I put my Roku on a powerline adaptor and not wifi…

There was no other recording at 8.

I have a dual tuner unit.

This is the first time it has jumped back to the Roku Home Page.

I will keep my eye on it and report back.

@John_Zanettos - It is indeed a bug but on Roku not the firmware. It’s already been fixed and the fix will ship with the next Roku release coming soon.

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Thanks! Good to hear.

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