2.1.19 beta firmware hung on downloading update: 0% - resolved

Anyone get message to download 2.1.19 beta firmware?    Unfortunately Tablo is now hung on spinning wheel “downloading update: 0%”  As our internet connection is working fine, I suspect Tablo download server isn’t working or at least my Tablo is unable to connect.   Would it make more sense to first download a complete file and then manually update the firmware in Tablo settings or maybe there should be a “cancel” button available during the downloads phase?    Not sure if we are at risk for losing recordings for rest of weekend but at some point I may need to manually reboot Tablo

Edit-  issue resolved, see below

hard reset and Tablo is back to normal on 2.1.18.    

Downloaded fine for me on 2 Tablo’s, but that was yesterday

Good to hear.  Couldn’t resist temptation, tried again and was able to download and update firmware normally.   Unsure what caused issue but all seems to be back to normal

Where can this be downloaded? Is there a list of changes?

You have to be on the beta list to get the beta updates. You can request to be on the beta list, but they may already have enough beta testers.

@theuser86 or @snowcat - feel free to delete this thread, issue resolved and thread doesn’t serve much purpose at this point

How about a tease for us non-beta testers with a listing of new features and functions with the update?

Not a major overhaul but nice steps forward.  TabloSupport has already mentioned openly on forum they would add it so there is now the option to toggle fast Live TV startup.  Improved sync on Android.  Improved Beta support for CC on Roku and Ipad.

I would like to be a beta tester. Who do i write to?

@tooldogg you’ll need to send a PM to @TabloSupport with all your info, see this thread for more http://community.tablotv.com/discussion/comment/8539/#Comment_8539

@7up Glad you god this sorted out, and thanks for the feedback!