1st 10 minutes of all recordings is missing

Weird thing happening and I need help. I have noticed in the last few days any show I record is missing the first 10-15 minutes.

This started after I was having a power outage sunday, I couldn’t get my hard drive to record shows after that, even though I could still access old recorded shows and watched them, so I know the hard drive was working.

I went ahead and re-formated my hard drive anyways and now it will record shows again but now I’m getting the missing portion of the show issues.

Any ideas or suggestions? Because right now I can’t really use the tablo like I have been using it if if my shows aren’t recording correctly. I’ve had this for a year and this is the first major issues I am having.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Dennis1973 - Sorry to hear this is happening.

A few questions so we can help you troubleshoot…

Are the recordings the correct length but don’t start on time? (i.e. half hour show has 30 minutes recorded but it starts partway through the expected show and ends halfway through the show after?)

Does the 10 minutes vary? Or is it always 10 minutes exactly?


Yeah they appear to be the correct length, it may not be an exact 10 minutes but it’s into the show and past the first commercials everytime.

For example I recorded Legends of Tomorrow last night, the time shows from 7:00-8:00 PM as it should on the guide and recording. When I look at the recorded video it says it’s an hour and five minutes long. Which is correct because I have an extension added I think.

But when you go to play the video, it started right into the show, about the time when two of the actors were having moment.

I recorded american idol at the same time, when I went to start it it went immediately to a duet about halfway through their song. No Intro, nothing…I couldn’t even rewind it…it started right at that point even though the show showed the correct length.

It seems like there is an “overlap”, maybe a time issue? Not sure what to do other than re-set my tablo to it’s shipped configuration and try that?

But it’s doing this on all the shows I am trying to record, no matter the channel

Thanks again

@Dennis1973 - Might indeed be a timing issue. I suggest popping a note to our support team so they can look at this closer and get this resolved for you: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Just wanted to update, I went home after work after this post and did a hard reset on the back of the tablo. Just held the reset button in for a long time. after it booted back up it was recording shows back on time again.

All is good now

I had a similar problem recording two programs starting at the same time. There appeared to be an overlap causing one program to start a couple of minutes late. My workaround was to set a manual record schedule for one of the channels.