1080p Roku Record Setting

Are there any plans to add a 1080p Roku Record Quality setting? There is a noticeable difference between live TV and recorded TV on my Roku 3 using the 720p Record Roku setting.

I use the normal 1080p setting with my Roku, works great. What’s the difference between the normal 720p and Roku 720p settings?

Roku setting on Tablo constrains the bitrate.  People will reporting problems with higher bitrate.  Not sure how bad that would get with a 720p setting though.  I record using normal 720p and have not had to change to the new Roku setting.

If the Roku setting is just lower bitrate for 720p to accommodate for wireless devices not streaming well I think it would be pointless to have a lower bitrate 1080p setting. The bitrate would probably still be higher or the same as the regular 720p setting.

If you have a Roku 3 and it’s hard wired, just use the 1080p setting. Keeping a stream at 1080p and lowering the bitrate would result in qualify loss as well.

So the Roku setting is just accommodate a wireless connection? I am ethernet cable connected.

I searched in the forum and official response was the Roku setting was just for lower bitrate. So that can be my only conclusion.

@Roraniel, yes, the Roku setting is there to help with wireless Rokus and is there mainly for the Chromecast.   I have two Roku 3 devices, one wired to the router (along with the Tablo) and one wireless, and I use the 1080p setting with no problems at all.