1-hour shows getting only 37 minutes, and pixelated

Love my Tablo & Rokus, with zero problems for months. Was out of town a few days, and returned to find 4-5 shows got only, exactly 37 minutes. Different shows, channels, days & times. One started in the middle; others shut off early. Also, some shows have moments of pixelation or sputtering, and no thumbnails during fast forward. Does this sound like a possible equipment failure? I’ve not had these problems before. Tablo is direct connected to router, antenna direct to Tablo, 2Tb hard drive, fast internet, all equipment less than one year old.

Sounds like signal quality problem. I used to get that with one channel until I fixed my antenna.

I hope you’re right, and it’s just an atmospheric anomaly. What concerns me is that the problems aren’t limited to one channel or day - totally random, as if one channel of the Tablo or sector of the hard drive might be failing.

Do you have 2 tuner of 4 tuner Tablo? A not in use tuner is needed to process the recording to build the thumbnails. How much free disk space?

Thanks. I have 4-tuner and 1.3TB free on 2TB hard drive. Four shows capturing exactly 37 minutes, not the same day or time slot was just odd! Guess my Tablo missed me while I was gone…

BTW, thumbnails seem ok for tonight’s recordings.


If you have an outdoor antenna check out your signal strength. During high winds my antenna was blown off course and I lost much signal strength due to antenna misdirection. You can try to check your antenna orientation visually as well.

I suggest opening a ticket or calling Tablo. They’'ll help you find and fix the problem. They can connect to your Tablo and look at the logs, etc.

Thanks so much, gentlemen. I have an indoor antenna, and it looks like I’m suddenly having reception problems. Discovered a couple of failed recordings. May need to upgrade to an outdoor or attic antenna.